Accounting and related consulting

In the Czech Republic, accounting and tax issues are frequently subjected to legislative changes. Our experts monitor all these changes and continuously analyse them. Their advice will help you to duly and timely comply with all obligations and to optimise all required payments.

Our financial department offers the following:

  • Many years of experience providing a comprehensive range of accounting services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.
  • Keeping accounts of real estate projects, either in the well-proven Yardi Voyager system or in any other system required by our client.
  • Extensive and long-term experience with the preparation of financial statements according to Czech, Slovak, German, American (US GAAP) and international accounting standards (IFRS), or in any layout and currency required by our client.
  • The preparation of consolidated financial statements in line with the group’s accounting guidelines.
  • Consulting in respect of business combinations or changes (such as mergers and spin-offs).
  • Professional support during due diligence audits, during the acquisition or sale of a company.
  • Various types of financial analyses, consulting, and controlling.
  • Comprehensive VAT management, which includes filing tax returns and related reports required in the Czech Republic. In other countries, we use our partner companies to ensure total compliance.
  • For projects in German speaking countries and in Slovakia, we have contracted with distinguished local auditors and tax advisors to provide expert support.
  • You can communicate with our team in Czech, English, German or Russian.

All outputs for our clients are always subject to inspection by our experts, who have both professional accounting and tax certification.

Veronika Buriánová
Veronika Buriánová
Managing Director

Zuzana Žahourová
Zuzana Žahourová
Chief accountant