IT System Yardi

Yardi Voyager offers a uniquely broad range of solutions for the commercial real estate market by combining the most comprehensive set of management and accountancy tools into a single platform.

Voyager automates operating procedures and supports transparency, facilitating data inspection and compatibility that is more productive than ever before. Using the browser of your choice and a mobile device, Voyager can provide you with immediate access to your data.

The system solutions provided by Yardi are tailored to the clients’ needs in order to make the management of all involved investment assets more efficient and effective.

The EURAMCO group’s team of experts has successfully implemented the Yardi system for its clients in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Australia.

Radka Šecová

Radka Šecová
External consultant

Martina Turkonová
Martina Türkonová
Yardi specialist